Electric Scooters – An Insight

To taste the true meaning of freedom of movement, electric scooters are ideal.  These are incredible vehicles that offer a fun ride which can be enjoyed with family and friends. The best thing is that anybody can ride on an electric scooter. You may need some days to get used to a bicycle but you can start riding on an electric scooter in just 2 minutes.

Depending on the mileage offered, electric scooters can travel up to 30 km or more.  Basically, electric scooters are plug-in vehicles that function on either two or three wheels and is motorized by electricity. There is a rechargeable battery which makes the electric motors work.  There is a step-through frame as well.

Electric Scooters

Buy the Best and Most Suitable Electric Scooter

Earlier, it was easy to buy an electric scooter since there were few choices. Today, it is a different story. Since there are so many types and models to choose from, it is always best to get your priorities right when you are out to buy an electric scooter.

The right one: Depending on your purpose, the choice of electric scooter may vary. For example, if you are buying for your kid, you may want to choose from the kids’ scooters available but if you are buying for yourself or are planning to gift one to your friend, then first you should see what purpose it will be used for. Then, check out the different models and find the one that is right.

Check the range: When you are planning to buy an electric scooter, the range or the distance the scooter will be able to work with its charge is what you should find out. Most electric scooters come with at least 15 km per hour range.

Weight limitations: For kids, the weight capacity of the scooter doesn’t matter much but if you are buying an adult’s scooter, then you should buy one that has enough capacity as per your body weight.

Battery capacity: This is another crucial factor you should check out. Since an electric scooter works on a charged battery, it is the quality of the battery that will decide on how well your scooter will function. There are different types of scooters and thus there are different batteries with different capacities. Some may work for just over 40 minutes but some may last many hours as well.

Price matters: There are so many electric scooters available that there is one for every budget. So, do compare prices and choose the one that is right for you.

Portability factor: Most electric scooters are low in weight and hence can be carried easily. But there are some which might be heavier. Hence, do check its weight and find whether it can be folded or not. Of course, the kind of portability you are looking at will depend on your purpose.

The brand: You can choose either cheap ones or you can opt for a high quality brand. When you buy from a reputed brand, it ensures that you are going for a good vehicle that will not give you any problem for a long time.

Points to ponder upon while buying an electric scooter

The basic factors that you need to think about while buying an electric scooter are its features such as range, weight, price, folding ability, portability and so on. Another factor is the climate of the place you are living in. If it is always raining, then you may not be able to use an electric scooter as often as needed. Similarly, if the sun is very hot all the time, then that also makes use of electric scooters very difficult. Hence, always consider the climate of the place you are in before you plan to buy an electric scooter.

  • The type: Of course, this is one thing to ponder upon, if it is a kid’s bike you are looking at, or is it for a teenager or whether it is for an elderly. Do not just go with no information. Look at the different types and see what the latest model is. If you are looking for an electric scooter for medical reasons, then do a research and find the features each model gives. Similarly, for kid’s scooter, too find the safety provisions and all the controls. When you go to a dealer or if you are buying online, if you have all the information, then it is easier to choose the best one.
  • The weight limits may vary. So, find that first.
  • Another point that you need to find is how much time it takes to charge the battery and how long can the bike last for one charge.
  • You may find the same model with different manufacturers. So, before buying, do compare prices.
  • Agreed that electric scooters are easy to ride and are not that dangerous, but always check with the dealer the safety mechanisms of the scooter. Accidents can happen anywhere and anyhow even while you are walking. So, even electric scooters may tumble or may slip or whatever, and hence it is best to find how safe it will be.
  • As you compare prices, do compare the speed as well. For an average scooter, 4 miles per hour is good enough but for recreational ones, this speed might not be good.
  • The most important point that you should look at is how to assemble and tear down the electric scooter you are planning to buy. If you are planning to carry it with you, then you may want to buy one that does not have a complicated design and is easy to fold and use.
  • If you are purchasing your scooter to ride in a flat surface, then, most of the scooters are good ones. But for hill climbing, you should go for an electric scooter which has a motor with at least 350 watt capacity.

As the popularity of electric scooters is on a rise, the future does seem bright. People all over the world are increasingly looking at alternative modes of travel and fuel to combat the increasing prices of fuel and travel costs. Also, environmental pollution is increasing day by day caused by vehicular pollution. Since electric scooters are a perfect solution for all these problems, the day will not be far when more than half the population of the world will be seen riding electric scooters.

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