Computer Maintenance – A Mandatory Regime for Any System to Work Efficiently

Computers are electronic devices that are a substitute to any manual work that was done in the previous years. Today; in this dot com era, computers are regarded as one of the most important gadgets for an individual. For a student, it is a definitive way to learn and become proficient,; while for a business man, it is a system that takes care of all his accounts without any hassles. Use of computers goes back to several years and thus, today, one can find a computer system in the form of a desktop or a laptop in every household.

Akin to a human system which slows down with a disease, a computer is no exception when the system crashes on account of virus or an overload caused to the hard disc, RAM and CPU. These instances requiring constant maintenance call for speedy action not only to detect and disinfect virus, but also to restore stored data (if necessary).

Computer Maintenance

The following are the different types of repairs which can be the reasons for malfunctioning of the computer system as a whole.

  1. Virus Attacks

Online virus removal services come handy in addressing the issue of virus attacks to the computer. Not interfering with any data or information stored, virus can easily be detected and inoculated.

  1. Repairs to hardware components

Physical damage to components in the computer are best addressed by hardware professionals who engage in a variety of maintenance activities including replacement of damaged structures in addition to painting dents caused to the system.

  1. Accessories need maintenance too

Supporting components like scanners and printers which are constantly used call for regular maintenance. Repairs to such accessories requiring expertise should hence be delegated to professionals in that specific area.

  1. Data – the primary concern of repairs

With computers becoming the primary source to store and process valuable data arising out of day to day transactions, data recovery becomes a major concern during a repair operation. Corruption of data caused by a malfunction can easily be addressed with the assistance of a professional who is adept at tracking and retrieving information from the damaged system.

  1. Complicated repairs concerning trouble shooting

Issues relating to trouble shooting coupled with networking errors are serious in nature, which are thus best addressed by experienced hardware practitioners.

Care for a repaired computer system

Akin to the famous adage “It is better to be safe than sorry”!, a repaired computer should be treated as a glass house baby. The following tips prove handy.

  • Extreme climates of heat and cold are detrimental to the general functioning of a system. Laptops which have just been serviced are best handled in moderate temperatures avoiding overexposure to heat or cold weather.
  • It is needless to mention to take all steps to avoid the computer to get wet. Given the intricate electronic framework that makes systems to function, dampness indeed dampens their performance.
  • Backing up of data is a ritual that needs to be followed religiously by computer owners so as not to cry over spilt milk after a crash which might cause huge data loss.
  • It is best to turn off the system when not in use, to prevent the system getting heated up unnecessarily.
  • Computers are best avoided to be housed in places under the influence of magnetic fields.
  • In addition to dampness, dust is an unavoidable pest impinging on the performance of computers. Vacuum cleaners thus prove handy in regular cleaning regimes by opening the computer case to evacuate the accumulated dust.
  • Another step towards strengthening the hard drive is to defragment it at least on a monthly basis.
  • Installing authentic anti-virus system coupled with internet security software will prove beneficial in combating issues regarding virus both from devices and the net.

All these computer care tips are best poised to nip off the problem in the budding stage, with a little bit of prudence coupled with routine maintenance, concerning not only the peripherals but also the internal hardware components. While all of these steps if maintained regularly, one can easily use his computer for a long time. However, if there is any issue, professional computer repair experts are also a handy resource of help.

Basic Tips for Beginners – Repairing of Computers

Computers have changed the way people live and conduct their daily business transactions – there are so many devices available these days that it is important for people to figure out their needs before investing in a computer.  Customers have to take into account whether they are buying it for home use or for a home based business, whether it has to be portable, a fully loaded system or a simple one, what kind of customization do they need and so on.  Basically, computers or devices can be categorized as desktops or portable devices.

Types available on the market:

The type of device a person invests in will play a big role in the types of repairs that may crop up.

  • Tablets are small and portable, operated usually by touch screens and have programs called apps.  These are great for watching movies and videos, taking notes, playing games and other functions.
  • Net books are small laptops with 10 inch screens and also cheap. These are quite useful for doing a lot of work but don’t have DVD drives built in – this is a space saving feature.
  • Laptops or Notebook computers are portable and available in a wide range of sizes, configurations and prices. Notebooks are usually the best in the area of price and computing power.
  • Ultra books are built to be slim and lighter than regular laptops and offer the same range of options and capabilities as laptops.
  • Desktop computers have a separate tower which houses the motherboard and other important elements.  These are very customizable but not portable.
  • All in one desktops’ have the processor, components and monitor in one unit – these are quite popular as they cut out the need for cables and offer a comprehensive package.

It is very important to understand what the end use of a computer is going to be as pursuits as varied as DVD watching, editing, browsing, gaming and video editing will require different capabilities.  Aspects such as the operating system (Microsoft, Apple or Linux based systems), CPU, RAM, storage memory, screen size, battery life and power usage will have to be considered – it pays to read a lot of reviews before making a choice.  Newer computers are equipped with a variety of ports which can be used to boost performance.

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