Acra Profile- Know The Ins And Outs

The business profile is used to verify one’s entity information, and it is a PDF report that gives information about entity name, registration date, registration number (UEN), business activities, and information of business owners or position holders. The acra profile aims to give a vibrant and tested business environment in Singapore. It was formed on 1st April 2004 as a statuary board.

Corporate goals-

  • The performing team should be high
  • Customer experience should be excellent
  • Business growth should be sustainable

Responsibilities of ACRA Profile

  • To portray the government internationally relating to the regulation of business entities, corporate service providers, registration, and public accountants.
  • To establish a repository of information and documents related to public accountants’ business entities and corporate service providers and to give access to the public about such information.
  • To encourage the public about new compliance requirements, business structures, corporate governance practice, and other matters under authority.

It cost around $5.50 for a business profile. You will get an email within 20 minutes after successful payment, along with a download link to get the product.

ACRA’s Business Profile authenticity

You can access the online authentication page by:

  1. On the last page of the business profile, go for the scanning QR code option.
  2. Set password for the UEN and the authentication number.

Benefits of ACRA profile

  1. There is an increase in efficiency of cost
  2. In terms of requirement regulatory, the level of compliance is higher.
  3. Data accuracy is increased.
  4. The efficiency of operation is improved.

What can I do with the ACRA profile?

  • Annual returns can be filed
  • Buying information of business
  • Shut down the business entity
  • Controlling and maintaining various companies, business entities, and public accountants.

Registration fees for ACRA Profile- The registration fees your company need to pay is near about $300, and to make it easy for your company, ACRA offers multiple payment options:

  • Google Pay
  • PayPal
  • Debit card and Credit card system
  • Apple Pay

Details needed for registering

  • Company type- select a category of company structure to incorporate a) public company limited by guarantee and share, b) a private company limited by exempt and shares.
  • Company name- Your company name should be appropriate, and once your application gets approved, your company will continue getting incorporated.
  • Company secretary, directories, and other key company officers should be appointed with all their information needed by the company.

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