Dry Herb Vaporizers Let You Smoke without Hassles

Smoking is a habit enjoyed by many. To make it more enjoyable and convenient, over the time, there has been many inventions and introduction to innovative products for smoking, one of which is the dry herb vaporizer. These are devices which are filled with smoking ingredients such as dry herbs, marijuana, weed, etc., and are battery operated. They heat the herbs to release active ingredients which can be inhaled.

Benefits that you get with dry herb vaporizers

Of late, dry herb vaporizers have become popular in many countries. Many prefer using a vaporizer to smoke rather than the conventional way. The main reason behind the increasing popularity of vaporizers is the convenience. Also, there are many advantages of using a dry herb vaporizer than inhaling herbs directly.

Dry Herb Vaporizers

Convenience is the key factor

First thing, first! All benefits of dry herb vaporizers are indeed the best, but one benefit that has to be mentioned first, is the convenience they offer. They are easy to use, easy to carry and even look good. Then, you can use it anytime and anywhere, and many a times, others may not even notice that you are smoking. So, you are also saved from interfering rude glances.

Portability factor of vaporizers works well for all

Another great thing about dry herb vaporizers is that they are portable. Their size is small and can be accommodated so well in your pocket or bag. If you keep them in your pocket, they look like pens and with their attractive design; will do add to your looks. If you are carrying them in your bag, it will just take a tiny space, as much space that your pens or mobile takes up. That means, if you feel like smoking, you do not have to look for a comfortable space and then a convenient time as all you have to do is just take it out from your bag or pocket and use.

A vaporizer is the healthier way of smoking

Smoking is generally considered as a bad habit, yet if you are doing it, why not use the better method? When you smoke herbs by rolling it and burning or through a pipe, you do get to inhale the vapors but in the process, through combustion, you are also inhaling the chemicals along with herbal vapors. This can cause much harm to your lungs. When you do it repeatedly, over a period of time, it can cause irreversible damage to your health.

With a dry herb vaporizer, the herb gets heated but is not burnt and you inhale the positive ingredients and the negative and harmful ingredients are thrown out. In fact, as per a 2007 study from the University of California-San Francisco, people who use vaporizers to inhale dry herbs get the same effects as those who inhale by burning the herbs, but without the toxic effects when the latter method is used. A vaporizer heats the herbs at a high temperature which makes active ingredients to evaporate but it does not burn the plant material.

Wind immunity

A dry herb vaporizer offers just that, wind immunity, which means you can smoke even if a storm is blowing around you. If you have been using the rolling method to smoke, you would have noticed that if you are outside and the wind is blowing, either the smoke goes into your eyes or you are unable to light the lighter. With a vaporizer, you can be on your own and leave the wind to its business.

Some people like to sit relaxed on a beach and smoke. First do check if the place is a non-smoking zone, though. But with the conventional manner, it is just too messy and uncomfortable. If you take the portable dry herb vaporizer with you, you will be able to smoke comfortably at the beach and enjoy the breezy atmosphere at the same time.

Ditto, if you like to sit on the roof of your house and enjoy a smoke. You can smoke away without a care in the world and the best part of such a vaporizer is that when you attend rooftop or open air parties, you can smoke without hassles if you have a vaporizer in hand.

No more rolling

Rolling blunts can be quite tiresome. First, to get the weed, roll it and in the process, the blunt can either be too loose or too tight. If the blunt is rolled using a paper, when you inhale it, you are inhaling the paper too, which can be quite harmful. With the vaporizer, no such hassles. Just switch it on and inhale the active ingredients which are soothing and refreshing.

It is all hygienic

Most of the smokers who use rolled blunts share it with a group and that means sometimes each one is forced to inhale the saliva of another which is not only disgusting but can even be harmful. A dry herb vaporizer is easy to use, is hygienic and it has a mouthpiece that is made from rubber. It can be easily cleaned, wiped and that means even if you are sharing the vaporizers with others, there is no harm involved. Clean it and use it, it is that simple.

Using a vaporizer is easy and its mouthpiece can be easily

No smelling but only smoking

If you are using the rolled blunts to smoke and you are carrying it on your person or in your bag, after some time you will automatically begin to smell like one even if you haven’t smoked yet. And when you do smoke, you will smell like the weed or the herb which can be quite annoying. With the dry herb vaporizer, you do not smell at all and even if you are carrying it around, it does not emanate smoke once it is switched off.

A great companion for travels

When you go out of town or city for work related or leisure travel, many a times, you do not get to smoke as much as you want to because of several reasons. May be, herbs are not available as and when required or you are not able to spare time looking for rolling blunt joints. At all such times, just having a herb vaporizer with you can prove to be a great solace. Just powder the herbs you have, put in the vaporizer and there! you are on a roll. Your travel will become rejoicing in all the senses.

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